The Procedure of Logging into MyWegmansConnect

Are you the Wegmans’ employee? If you have just been hired by Wegmans, you have to be familiar with Wegmans Connect. MyWegmansConnect is an online HR site. This portal will connect you to company’s system. So, you can access everything which relates to the employment issue. For instance, you can find your payroll information. Besides, you can review other HR information. So, it is not necessary to meet Wegmans HRD staffs. Accessing Wegmans Connect is enough to get the information that you need.


When you need to view some working information, you have to sign into MyWegmansConnect. But, make sure that the company has given you Wegmans user ID and password. It is because you cannot sign up to Wegmans Connect by yourself. You will not find any registration button in Wegmans Connect portal. Usually, you will receive a temporary Wegmans password and User ID from your employer. Then, you can follow the procedure below to access your Wegmans account.

  • Go to Wegmans Connect website.

The only way to access your Wegmans account is by visiting My Wegmans Connect Login. You have to type in your browser. Then, you will be able to land on Wegmans login page.

  • Input your Wegmans Connect username and password.

Perhaps, the way to log into Wegmans connect is different from other websites. It is because you just need to enter the username in the login page. But, you should end your username with Then, you can continue to the next page without entering the password. In the second page, you will see the veggies background. The site will show the username which you have filled in the previous page. So, you just have to enter your WegmansConnect password.

  • Sign into your account.

After entering the password, you can continue clicking on Sign In button. The next, you can explore your Wegmans account.

Wegmans connect very beneficially for the workers. It displays all info related to the employment. Accessing the schedule and paystub has never been easier before you use Wegmans Connect. This multipurpose website will help the employees to find any information they need. When they want to make a report, they can visit this site. Besides, the WegmansConnect is also useful for the company. The manager can handle the employment issue easily.  For instance, they can examine the performance of their staffs. They will be able to monitor how their employees work. So, they can take the most appropriate decision about the company.


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